ThetaHealing® – Advanced


Are you yearning for further knowledge about the amazing Thetahealing® modality?  Do you want to refine your healing technique and break through the barriers that hold you back from being that competent and great healer?

If the answer is yes then register for the three day Advanced ThetaHealing® course and embrace this great opportunity to stay focused on your journey of healing and manifesting the life you desire.

This exciting three day course will not only enable you to build upon the knowledge you acquired in the Basic ThetaHealing® course, you will hone your skills and psychic ability.

The Advanced course will take you to that level of greatness and competence!

What will I learn in the Advanced ThetaHealing® Course?

You will:

  • Build upon your knowledge about ThetaHealing®
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Receive hundreds of powerful downloads
  • Have the opportunity to heal self and others
  • Develop further spiritual enlightenment and growth
  • Gain a better understanding of the seven planes of existence and knowledge about healing with them
  • Connect with your ancestors
  • Communicate with your higher self
  • Communicate with, and heal plants and animals
  • Clear and heal non-organic objects such as your house and car
  • Learn how to send Love to the Baby in the Womb
  • Learn how to heal the Broken Soul

Advanced ThetaHealing® teaches you how to apply the technique of ThetaHealing® on yourself and on others.  The sessions will include topic presentation; focused meditation and visualization; small group activity; group discussion; handouts and evaluation.

You will receive a Text Book and Practitioner’s Manual.  Upon successful completion of the course a certificate will be provided.

Prerequisite: Basic ThetaHealing®
Course Dates:  To be advised
Time:  9am – 5pm
Duration: 3 days
Venue:  Veronica McClintic Healing Centre,  Darwin

To secure your position and register for this course:

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The deposit must be paid upon registration which is one week prior to commencement of the course and the final balance must be paid before the course.  Please see the Terms and Conditions of payment.

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