Intuitive Anatomy

Intuitive Anatomy course

Are you concerned about any aspects of your health?  Do you feel unwell or not as great as you would like to be?  Are you unable to move forward and shine like the spark that you are?

If so, come along to the three week life changing course of Intuitive Anatomy.  This course of self-discovery and transformation is a must!  The Intuitive Anatomy course will accelerate healing on every system and organ within your body.

I found this course to be the most intense and effective course of self-healing.  The energetic shifts that took place in my body were immense.
Intuitive Anatomy radically empowered, changed and elevated my life on every level.

What will I learn from Intuitive Anatomy?

You will:

  • Focus each day on a system within the body where you will gain an understanding of the anatomy and function of the associated organs
  • Discover a number of diseases associated with specific organs of the body and gain intuitive insight into connected issues that prevent healing
  • Enhance your intuitive skills and identify blocking beliefs and feelings that are associated with identified issues
  • Perform body scans with more accuracy
  • Heal issues and trauma on every level through the Creator by setting yourself free from the limiting beliefs that hold you back from having good health, happiness, peace, joy and other abundance
  • Resolve deep emotional and recurring issues swiftly realizing your full and abundant potential
  • Clear issues on the core, genetic, history and soul level
  • Expand your healing abilities infinitely
  • Learn in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Network and Develop lasting friendships with likeminded people

Intuitive Anatomy teaches you how to apply the technique of Thetahealing®
on yourself and on others.  The sessions will include topic presentation; focused meditation and visualization; small group activity; group discussion; handouts and evaluation.

You will receive a Practitioner’s Manual.  Upon successful completion of the course a certificate will be provided.


Prerequisite:  Basic ThetaHealing® and Advanced ThetaHealing®
Course Date:  To be advised
Time:  9:00 am-5:00 pm each day from Monday to Friday
Duration:  15 days
Venue:  Darwin

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