Frequently Asked Questions – Theta Healing

Frequently Asked Questions – Theta Healing

theta_healing2What is involved in a Theta Healing consultation?

During a healing consultation the practitioner connects with the Creator through meditation and the theta state of mind and co-creates healing by prayer and visualisation.

From this state the practitioner identifies relevant issues, changes limiting beliefs and then witnesses the changes on the client.

Where do consultations take place?

Consultations can take place face to face, over the phone or via Skype. To book a consultation please email us at

How long does a private consultation go for? 

Private consultations take 1 hour however it is possible that the first consultations can take up to one and half hours.

How many Theta Healing consultations do I need to have?

In most cases it depends on the issues, what your goals are and your readiness to heal.  It is important to be honest and open when discussing your issues as this will speed up the process and allow you to let go of limiting beliefs and resolve issues so that you can move on.

It’s common for people to do weekly sessions at first until they’ve addressed all the major issues that concern them.  Alternatively you may choose to come as issues present themselves.

Taking a Theta Healing course can be extremely beneficial as it will give you the tools to heal yourself. The benefits include clearing hundreds of limiting beliefs in a short period of time and learning the theta healing technique.  We believe that it is the fastest healing technique available.

How long does it take for me to feel a change or for the results to occur?

Every person is different but we have found that in most cases people definitely feel a shift during the consultation. Many people experience instant results from Theta healings.  In some cases people may need a few days for them to really acknowledge a change and allow the healing to take its course

Is Theta Healing associated with any Church or Religion?

Theta Healing is not religious based it is a spiritual practice and is not part of any Church or religious denomination. People of all walks of life with various faiths and cultural backgrounds including people of all ages and occupations have benefited from the power of Theta Healing. It does not interfere with your religious or spiritual views.

Do I have to believe in God for Theta Healing to work?

There is no belief requirement in order to benefit from Theta Healing. All that is required is that you are open to the concept that there is some form of higher power or consciousness. For some people the higher power is God, for others it is the Universe.  Common terms used by Theta Healing practitioners include – “God”, “The Creator of All That Is”, “Source”, “Universal Love”, “Heavenly Father”, “Jesus”, “Allah” and “The Divine”.  Practitioners use what is most comfortable for them.


The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are not meant to supplement, or be substitute for, professional medical care or treatment.  You should not treat a serious medical ailment without prior consultation from a qualified healthcare professional.