“I didn’t really know what to expect, though feel blessed that the course was so informative and related to so many things.” “Veronica is a fantastic facilitator, her energy and love is felt from the moment you arrive. I am grateful for this opportunity and thankful to all that were on the same journey.”

Sharon Robaye, October 2016


“I have been amazed by the experiences I have had and have truly enjoyed being shown what to do in such a relaxed and realistic way”

Christina Paterson – Oct 2016

“I left Veronica’s home that day with a light inside me that I hadn’t felt for a long time.”“I first experienced Veronica’s amazing abilities when it felt like I was at a crossroad in my life. The feeling of ‘standing still’ and the world was moving at a constant pace around me. Having visited counsellors and psychologists in the past, their differing views of my situation helped but something was missing. A friend recommended a healing with Veronica as an alternative option to previous strategies and it was life changing.A calmness, when I arrived at Veronica’s home studio engulfed me. Veronica told me her story and how she became the person she is today. Enriching her own life and that of others. We talked about my story and how I was feeling, the whole time Veronica asking and listening to the universe about how to enrich my life. I had been holding on to two souls and we were able to release them from my grasp so my journey forward could begin.I remember as clear as day when tactile healing began and Veronica was drawn to my knees, she moved on from them, back to my chest, head and hand. My knees remained ‘on fire’ from her touch. This was the sign I needed to move forward.I left Veronica’s home that day with a light inside me that I hadn’t felt for a long time.I have been back to Veronica and will continue to visit her for guidance and support. I would recommend Veronica to anyone. Even if life is in balance, everyone needs re-earthing and the light rejuvenated.  Thank you Veronica for helping me smile again.”Fionna McColl, April 2015

“I had a few healings with Veronica and every time came out with new gained confidence and improved health.” “I was introduced to Veronica’s meditation group by my daughter who had attended many times before.

I approached the classes with an open mind and did not know what to expect.

I was lovingly welcomed by the small group and felt totally accepted.

For years I was searching for more meaning to life and found some questions answered in the group. It also helped me to relax and let go of old issues. After my accident I had a few healings with Veronica and every time came out with new gained confidence and improved health.   My physical body healed extremely fast and well.  One thing I like about Veronica is her compassion and humbleness, her willingness to help and put her gifts to work for anyone.

I am still attending her meditation classes whenever possible because the loving atmosphere and the peaceful environment are always beneficial for body and soul.  Love Sigrid.”

Sigrid, Dec 2013


“It was a really transformative and beautiful experience, I will never be the same.”“Blessed for Veronica’s knowledge, patience and gifts. It was a really transformative and beautiful experience, I will never be the same. I will never forget it and can’t wait for the next.  Thank you xo”

Lauren Tuck, Nov 2014


“It was an honour to be a part of such a trusting group.”“I feel very blessed to have Veronica in my life and to have learned so much from her experiences, honesty and empathy during this course. Veronica is a very generous, caring, patient and loving soul with so much wisdom and knowledge to share. She also has a great sense of humour. The participants were all very lovely, caring and encouraging people. It was an honour to be a part of such a trusting group. Thank you all for sharing so much of yourselves.”

Jill Thyne, Nov 2014


“I could feel immediate benefits as I walked out the door”“I was experiencing a particularly low point in my life needing to address past unresolved issues.A dear friend booked a healing session with Veronica of which was a new experience for me.Veronica welcomed me into her sanctuary, listened and then provided a healing in a most relaxed atmosphere. I felt my issues were taken seriously and with respect. I could feel immediate benefits as I walked out the door.

I then attended 4 sessions of meditation for beginners, with many laughs and tears which have enabled me to continue working towards a positive and more fulfilling life.

Thank you so much Veronica! Miss that beautiful smile and laugh.
I look forward to attending a meditation when next in Darwin.”

Kate, April 2015


“I always leave the class wanting to be a better human being.”“Hi Veronica, I just want to explain how important your classes are for me. You are a warm and caring person and not only that the goodness that you possess shines inside and out. With being in your company for 1 sec I feel inspired. You say it as it is and don’t dress it up in mumble jumble.

The class brings me closer to spirit and I enjoy the energy that is present within the room. I always leave the class wanting to be a better human being. Thank you for making my life brighter and thank you for letting me share my journey with you. Kind regards Jo Jamieson.”

Jo Jamieson, August 2015


“I have been attending Veronica’s meditations since 2014.  During this time I could see my spiritual beliefs grow and expand.  I became a kinder person, a much more considerate person and less judgmental, I began to live in the NOW.In 2016 I lost my 15yr old granddaughter in a car crash and to help me cope with her loss I started having healing sessions with Veronica and through these healings, I was able to accept her death by finding peace and releasing the anger I felt.

In March of this year I had a healing session with Veronica which resulted in me becoming aware of a medical issue which needed to be addressed through medical intervention.  I had a major operation and now I am recovering from it.  Had it not been for the healing session I believe the medical condition would have gone on unnoticed as there were no symptoms to indicate something wasn’t right.”

Margaret, Aug 2017


I have been blessed to receive healings from Veronica via Skype and the impact of these healings has been immense! For most of my life I have felt unloved (and consequently unlovable) and this thinking had programmed my life and how I felt and interacted with other people. After speaking to Veronica about this and the impact on every dimension of my existence she gave me a healing that left me feeling feather-light and not burdened with the heavy energy that had become customary for me.  I now view everything differently because I feel different because I know that I am filled with love for myself and my fellow man. My life is so different and so happy!

Veronica also helped me while I was waiting for surgery that was postponed for 4 months and I did not know how I was going to manage. The extensive surgery included the removal of a large portion of my stomach that had been bleeding for a long time that resulted in constant anemia, low energy and difficulty consuming and digesting food. Veronica focused on the issues that had made me “sick to the stomach” so that I felt much better and managed quite well until the scheduled surgery could take place. The surgeon was astonished to find my stomach was not bleeding although it was very damaged and still needed to be surgically corrected. He told me what he had found afterwards and shook his head in disbelief but I was not surprised and smiled to myself while quietly thanking Veronica and the Creator.

I am very thankful to Veronica and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Maxine Baban, January 2016


Veronica worked with our organisation to deliver meditation and well-being sessions in order to help staff develop resilience and self-care strategies. By the end of the three sessions, the participants were able to apply the practices they had learned to both their personal and professional lives to help with relaxation and a sense of mindfulness. Veronica’s ability to bring laughter and light to the sessions helped participants feel at ease during the classes, with the participants asking for more sessions to strengthen their practice. I would highly recommend Veronica’s work to any organisation seeking to support the wellness of it’s staff.

Amalia B, Larrakia Nation