Psychic Development

A Journey of Magic and Discovery

Psychic DevelopmentDevelop Your Psychic Senses!

Are you looking for the following?

  • A course that will take your psychic senses to another level.
  • The opportunity to develop your psychic senses so that you can give clearer psychic readings and focused healings.
  • The knowledge and principles behind the use of the psychic senses.
  • Information about how to use your psychic senses safely and with unconditional love and truth.

If so, you may want to come on a 4 week journey of Magic and Discovery.

Some of the benefits you will receive include:

  • Knowledge about your psychic senses and how to use them safely.
  • Practice and learning within a protected and structured environment.
  • Enhancement and development of your psychic senses.
  • Sharing with like minded people.
  • Guidance by a certified theta healing practitioner and instructor.

Over this 4 week journey you will learn:

Week 1: The Magic Of Your Psychic Senses

  • The location and importance of your psychic senses within the body so that you can recognise and use them in psychic readings and healings.
  • To take your readings and healings to another level by enhancing and developing your psychic senses.
  • To understand and use your psychic senses such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.
  • The principles and safe use of your psychic senses by working with the Creative Energy of unconditional love and truth.

Week 2: Future Readings

  • The important principles of giving Future Readings so that the recipient is made aware of the choices they have and the power of those decisions.
  • Giving and providing a Future Reading through the Creator.

Week 3: Understanding Ghost Imprints

  • Understanding the principles of ghost imprints and identifying their nature, and why and how they exist.
  • Connect with the energy of ghost imprints that may impact your life such as objects in your house that move or make sounds, and interpret their significance.
  • Interpreting information gleaned from affected objects and providing readings.

Week 4: Psychic Reading of the Body

  • The principles of connecting with the Creator and conducting Psychic Scans of the body and interpreting significant information such as imbalance and blockage that cause disease and prevents one from moving forward in their lives.
  • How to conduct psychic readings of the body and interpret identified blocks.

Date: To be advised.
Venue: This course will be held at the Veronica McClintic Centre.

Investment for the entire programme is $ which is to be paid prior to the commencement of the first class.

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