Meditation with open chakras is a wonderful way to relax and heal our physical and mental bodies and find inner peace, calm and bliss.  It is also an opportunity to expand our awareness on all levels.

In our busy lives we tend not to put time aside for our spiritual selves where we can still our minds and get in touch with our inner being, and as a result of this, often find ourselves in a state of stress, unhappiness, frustration and dissatisfaction.  Daily meditation enables us to focus on our spiritual wellbeing, i.e. our connection to our spiritual/energetic selves, the Creative energy and those around us, and how this affects our health and wellbeing and that of our families and the community.

When we meditate with open chakras and make connection with the Creator Of All That Is by commanding our unconscious mind to co-create with the Creator, the Theta state of mind is obtained –Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing.  It is this state that enables us to create the abundance that most of us seek such as peace, happiness, and good health.

Scientists have discovered that certain brain frequencies (particularly in the Alpha and Theta range), have been found to:

  1. Alleviate stress and promote long-lasting and substantial reductions in subjects that experience anxiety.
  2. Facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity.
  3. Increase verbal ability and verbal performance IQ.
  4. Synchronize both hemispheres of the brain.
  5. Invoke vivid, spontaneous mental imagery and imaginative creative thinking, reduce pain, promote euphoria, and stimulate endorphin release.

If possible, meditation should be done on a daily basis as it ensures that we are giving time to ourselves in order to nurture our souls, body and mind.  It is helpful if meditation takes place in a quiet comfortable place where we feel safe and relaxed.  Also, meditating with soft, peaceful music in the background is often complimentary to the process.

When meditating with open chakras, students are encouraged to cleanse, balance, ground and protect themselves.  They are also taught to heal themselves.  This is done through prayer and visualization.

The Veronica McClintic Healing Centre offers the following program to assist you with your meditation practice.

Monthly Meditation for health and wellness


Monthly Meditation for health and wellness

Each month students are invited to attend a meditation with open chakras.  At these sessions students are encouraged to develop their meditation practice and to continue to pursue self-healing and realization.

For further information about the Monthly Meditation for health and wellness.